DIY Digital Strategy

DIY Digital Strategy – The Digital Resource for the Do It Yourself Marketer 

DIY Digital Strategy’s mission is to empower the do it yourself marketer with the knowledge to grow their business through effective and proven digital advertising strategies across Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This is based on my 14+ year digital experience, spanning multiple companies (Rise Marketing Group, Google, RKG ad agency, Yahoo!).

Digital advertising isn’t rocket science, if anyone has a business with a website, they can efficiently and effectively advertise their site to drive customers with a strong return on investment. However, it takes an understanding to know what to do, and just as important what not to do. Companies make millions from digital advertising annually, but there is also a camp of companies that lose their shirt, the reason is they blindly go into digital advertising without fully understanding which platforms to focus on and how to set up each platform to maximize success.

My goal is to cut through the clutter and share top strategies and helpful tips so you can grow your business through digital advertising.  To support your efforts, my site offers a few helpful resources.

Digital Advertising Blog

Learn the latest digital advertising strategies to drive new customers for your business through my blog. This blog is updated every two weeks with strategies you can replicate for your business to drive more customers. The blog covers topics such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, Email Marketing, Google Analytics and YouTube.

Advertising Courses

Aside from blogging my best tips, based on 14 years experience, I’ve created a collection of DIY video courses (free 2 month trial), which you can sign up and watch step-by-step how I implement many of the strategies listed throughout my blog. Enjoy!