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DIY Digital Strategy’s mission is to empower the do it yourself marketer with knowledge to grow their business through effective and proven digital advertising strategies across Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This is based on my 14+ year digital experience, spanning multiple companies (Rise Marketing Group, Google, RKG ad agency, Yahoo!).

Digital advertising isn’t rocket science, if anyone has a business with a website, they can efficiently and effectively advertise their site to drive customers with a strong return on investment. However, it takes an understanding to know what to do, and just as important what not to do. Companies make millions from digital advertising annually, but there is also a camp of companies that lose their shirt, the reason is they blindly go into digital advertising without fully understanding which platforms to focus on and how to set up each platform to maximize success.

My goal is to cut through the clutter and share top strategies and helpful tips so you can grow your business through digital advertising. Β To support your efforts, my site offers a few helpful resources.

Digital Advertising Blog

Learn the latest digital advertising strategies to drive new customers for your business through my blog. This blog is updated every two weeks with strategies you can replicate for your business to drive more customers. The blog covers topics such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, Email Marketing, Google Analytics and YouTube.

Advertising Courses hosted on SkillShare

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I created several courses to help scale my expertise to help small businesses and marketers around the world successfully market their business. See my courses below:

Google Ads Intro Course

Google Ads Course

  • Students Enrolled: 892
  • Sample reviews:
    • “Ben clearly has the experience and the insight of a 13-year vet. As someone getting knee deep in digital marketing I found this class extremely useful.”
    • “This course is great for beginners like me. I got an overall understanding out of this. Ben even gives practical tips and strategies which are very useful. I am glad I watched these lessons.”

Google Ads is a powerful platform and many advertisers make millions from it every year. However, it’s highly nuanced and super competitive. For any novice getting started with advertising, I highly recommend proper training before you start advertising to make sure you’re making money from Google, verse wasting money on a mismanaged campaign.Β  Throughout this course I provide information on how to create your Google Ads account, how to set up a search, display (i.e. remarketing), and YouTube campaign (youtube), setup proper measurement via Google Analytics.

Top 7 Google Ads Optimizations

Google Ads Tips

  • Students enrolled: 235
  • Sample review:
    • “Ben lays out everything really well. His classes have helped fill in gaps and I highly recommend them.”

Over the past 4 years at Google, I’ve been in Google Ads (AdWords) on a daily basis and know all of the nuances with the platform and how to squeeze out the best performance from it. With that, I want to share top optimization tips to maximize the return on your investment.

How to Advertise Shopify

Shopify Course

  • Students enrolled: 162
  • Sample review:
    • “Great intro to GAds and GAnalytics for Shopify!

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform. Many of my clients use Shopify but they need help driving customers through advertising. Within this course, I break down how to start advertising your Shopify store through Google Search, remarketing and Google Shopping. This includes setting up key integrations between Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Merchant Center.

Google Analytics for Beginners

Learn how anyone with a website can set up Google Analytics to take advantage of robust website reporting analytics through this free tool.

Google Analytics

  • Students enrolled: 97
  • Sample Reviews: