Google Search – What’s My Strategy for my Business?

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Google Search – What’s My Strategy for my Business?

The absolutely first place you should go start advertising your business is Google Search. As mentioned, Google Search works because you have the ability to only reach the users in the EXACT moment of intent to buy products or services that you’re offering.

So, where do you begin? Let me break this down in a few areas.

1) Geography – Google gives you complete control on where to advertise. If you’re just targeting your town, you can target your town, or if you’re a company selling goods everywhere, you can advertising globally.

2) The most important part are keywords to target. I’ll break this down into two categories, Brand and Non-Brand keywords.

Brand Keywords

non brand google search

Brand keywords means showing your ad when users are searching for your company. You may ask what’s the value in this? The value is to ensure you capture all of the demand out there, because in some cases, your competitors will steal your customers.  Example below, see how Catalano Automotive Repair is literally taking away customers from Route 1 Auto Service. Reason is they are buying ads to appear when a user is searching for Route 1 Auto Services’ and diverting customers to their business.

Google Search Ad

Suggestion: Conduct a few Google Searches for your business, if you are not in the top spot for your brand or other competitors are buying your keywords, you should take control and advertise your brand, immediately.

If you are in the top spot, see example below for Dedham Wholesale Tire, don’t waste your money on buying these keywords. Move on to Non-Brand (next section).

Google Branded Search

Non-Brand Keywords

These are keywords outside of your brand. Sticking to themes, for Route 1 Auto Service, this would be showing ads for users who are searching keywords like “oil change”, “oil change near me”, “car repair”, etc.

Google Search Non Brand

As I shared earlier, the huge power Google gives is the ability to only serve ads to users who are searching the EXACT product/service you’re looking for.


By Ben Lund

Ben Lund is a 14+ year digital advertising vet who founded Rise Marketing Group. Outside of managing his agency, he offers advertising courses on SkillShare and routinely shares his best practices on

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