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Marketing Measurement

I haven't shared, but I'm a data driven marketer to it's core. What does that mean? I'm not one to dump ANY money into marketing that I can't track it's performance and it's impact to my business. For example, I would never advocate advertising on billboards, print, tv, etc. Not because it doesn't work, it may (however I do question it's effectiveness), but you can't measure it.

For example, you might run a local TV commercial, but in reality maybe only 10% of households where your ad aired, was viewed by a person who wasn't distracted by their phone, family, game of boogle, (insert distraction here). Of that 10%, your ad may have only been relevant to 10% of the audience who viewed the ad. Of that, maybe only 10% of those who saw the ad will take some type of action in the next 12 months. What does that mean?

If you bought 10,000 commercial impressions (each time the commercial aired), only 10 of the impressions actually drove an action. How did I get that number?

10,000 impressions * 10% of people who saw the ad * 10% of those people where the ad was relevant * 10% of those individuals will take action = 10 impressions.

Obviously these numbers are fictional (but I wouldn't' be surprised if it's in the range of real performance),) the point is, you need to track performance on every impression you put into market.

If TV had that type of tracking, you would only advertise to the households/individuals where action was taken. However, that capability isn't possible with TV.

But...Good News!

It is with digital.

With Digital Advertising you can track the effectiveness of every impressions, every click to your website, and how that drove action (i.e. filling in a lead form, purchasing on your site, calling your store, etc.).

This is possible through Google Analytics.

Which is why the very first thing you should do setup Google Analytics which is: Easy to setup and will track EVERYTHING.

How many people go to your site.

How how long do they stay on your site.

  1. How many take action (i.e. buy a product or service).

Where are they coming from.

With this treasure trove of data, you are armed with understanding which marketing efforts are effective. With this data, you can push on the marketing channels that work really well, and pull back on marketing initiatives that don't result in much.