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To all of my friends out there who have a Shopify store and want to start advertising to drive more customers. This article is for you.  I created a video tutorial (which I’ll post at the bottom) and I’m writing this blog post because I feel there is a need that hasn’t been addressed. Specifically, there are thousands of resources to share how to create a shopify store, which is awesome. Shopify is a great platform for Ecommerce businesses and has a pleathura of amazing tools to drive growth. Additionally, there are thousands, if not millions, of resources on how to advertise businesses, digitally. However, I see a gap where there aren’t too many resources that break down top digital advertising strategies for Shopify stores and the amazing integrations Shopify has to key advertising platforms (i.e. Google Analytics, AdWords, Google Shopping) to maximize your success and make advertising as easy as possible.

With that, let me get started on where to begin.

Before you invest a dime into advertising your Shopify store, I strongly encourage you to create your Google Analytics account which is the key to our success. Google Analytics is a free platform and Shopify has amazing integrations with he platform where you can:

  1. Track where all of your traffic came from
  2. Track what all of your traffic is doing on your site (pages visited, time spent, etc.)
  3. Lastly, and most critical, how much money your customers are spending on your site. Within my how-to tutorial I break down the steps required to make sure tracking is setup and buttons you need to check to make sure Ecommerce revenue data is flowing to Google Analytics. To take it a step further, we can setup your tracking so revenue data will flow directly into Google AdWords so you can see how much revenue you’re getting for every keyword you’re bidding on, campaign you’re promoting, etc.

See the screenshot below of Google Analytics for one of my sites. For every advertising campaign I can see how many people are going to my site, and how many checkouts I’m getting.

Google Analytics

I’m a big fan of Google Search ads for business owners looking to advertise their shopify store, as I wrote about many times over, as it’s one of the only forms of advertising we’re you’re reaching users based on intent. Intent to purchase the products that you offer.

I would highly recommend to launch a Google search campaign, but be extremely focused on how you advertise. Google Search works only when you’re extremely specific in what you advertise, otherwise you can spend a lot of money. The reason is you only want to reach users who are looking for the exact products you’re selling, or close to it. Let me give you an example, if you’re selling posters, don’t advertise on “posters”, rather be specific on the posters you sell. For example, instead of advertising on keywords such as “posters” or “wall art”, advertise on Van Gogh posters, or even more specific one of his works such as “starry nights”. See example, below.

Starry Night

Make this highly targeted approach work and start making you money before you expand to other, more broad keywords.

This is a key tactic. Remarketing is a way to serve a banner ad to people who previously visited your shopify store. This form of advertising works extremely well as you’re only reaching people who are already considering the products you offer. The beauty is with Shopify’s integration with Google Analytics, and the Google Analytics integration to AdWords, we can target people who have previously visited your site. Within the how to video I offer, I break down the steps to implement this.

Think of this campaign as a great way to “close the sale” of folks visiting your site. Additionally, I really like launching a remarketing campaign via the Google Display Network as you only pay if someone clicks your ad. If they don’t click, you don’t pay a dime. Additionally, I often see sales from this channel from people who didn’t even click the ad, but was exposed to the branding of the creating. In these instances, you don’t pay a dime, you received free branding and users navigated to your site.


Google Shopping is an awesome platform which has a direct integration with Shopify where you can advertise your Shopify products.  See the screenshot below, of what Google Shopping looks like.

I like Advertising on Google Shopping , you have the ability to showcase your products with images, product name and description and price to users before they even click. Given you only pay per click, any traffic you pay for is qualified as they already know a lot of what you have to offer and they won’t click unless they are interested.

The hardest part of setting up a Google Shopping campaign is creating a product feed with a bunch of attributes Google requires (name, description, price, images, etc.), However, Shopify does all of this work for you. In my video tutorials I share the app you can download within your Shopify store to create the product feed, link it to a Google Merchant account (required for Google Shopping) then sync it with AdWords. It sounds confusing, but it really isn’t, it just takes watching someone how to do it. Which is why I created a video tutorial breaking this down.

Privy is a pretty cool platform where you can have popups launch on your site to do a variety of actions, including:

Reduce shopping cart abandoners (see below). If someone is on your checkout page and is about to leave, you can have a pop-up to offer these potential customers with a discount if they enter their email. See screenshot below. By doing this, not only will you reduce the rate at which people add items to their cart but don’t buy, you’ll also create a nice email database of customers you can reach out to cross sell, upset, etc.


You can even have campaigns that don’t necessarily trigger on the checkout page, rather anyone who has spent X minutes on the site, have a banner pop-up to ask for their email so you an keep them in the know of future promotions.

Here’s a link for anyone who is interested.

Facebook is a highly effective form of digital advertising. For anyone with a Shopify store, I highly recommend to launch Facebook Ads.  For more information check out my top Facebook advertising strategies blog post.

Facebook Ads

Shopify Advertising Course

For those who want even more direction, watch my course on SkillShare, if you click the link below you can get up to 2 months of access for free.

How to Advertise Shopify


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