How to Setup a Remarketing Campaign

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How to Setup a Remarketing Campaign

In this post I’m going to break down a few critical components of remarketing ads, specifically: what is remarketing, how to create a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network, and advanced remarketing optimizations.

What is remarketing ads?

Remarketing is a display advertising strategy where you show a banner ad to users who have previously been to your site, but didn’t conduct an action you were hoping for – for example buy an item, fill out a lead form, etc. It’s a nice reminder to the user of your business and how it can benefit them.  In terms of digital return on investment, it’s one of the best things you can do for your business.

You’ve probably experienced this in the past. Say you’re looking at jeans at You ultimately didn’t purchase because you were just killing time on your computer, but within the next several days you see a banner ad from Gap, of the EXACT jeans you were looking at. This reminds you of the jeans and is combined with an offer (i.e. 40% off), which leads you to make the purchase.

This is remarketing in full force, and it’s super effective. It’s so effective as you’re only reaching users who have displayed an active intent to purchase your products or services. You literally can’t find a more targeted form of advertising to reach users with a high intent to purchase your products and services.

Remarketing ads- where do I start?

There are many platforms where you can launch a remarketing campaign, from full service platforms like Criteo (they will manage for a fee) or various other self service platforms like Facebook, Amazon, etc. 

I recommend starting with Google. Google has a huge network of websites called the Google Display Network.  This network comprises of millions of sites worldwide and the network reaches over 95% of users worldwide. Reach aside, what I love of the Google Display Network is the following: 

1)  You only pay per click. That’s right, you don’t buy impressions and hope people click your ad. You only pay for the hand raisers, which are individuals who decided to click on your ad.

2) The Google Display Network has pre-built creative formats. This means you don’t need to hire a creative shop to build out banner ads. All you do is upload text and it will provide stock images to use for your banners or provide images based on your website. Additionally, their creative formats work extremely well, often better than digital ads from a creative shop.

3) You have full control and transparency. You can see exactly what sites your ads were placed on, where to advertise, who to advertise to and how much you pay. Additionally, if you setup conversion tracking, you can see how many orders you are driving from your advertising.

So with that, how do you get started with remarketing on the Google Display Network?  All you need is a piece of code from AdWords which you put on your website to inform Google of the users who have been to your site. Then you create banner ads and launch. From there you can watch the visitors and orders funnel in :).

Now for those who want detailed instructions on how to setup Google Remarketing via AdWords, look no further, see below.

Creating Your Remarketing Ads Campaign

Remarketing Step 1

Create your Google AdWords account, as mentioned Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform to advertise via Google Search, Display ads on the Google Display Network and YouTube.

Remarketing Step 2

Create your remarketing pixel. This is a snippet of code you place on your site to inform google who has been to your site before.

In AdWords, click on the wrench icon, then “audience manager”, under shared library.

By Ben Lund

Ben Lund is a 14+ year digital advertising vet who founded Rise Marketing Group. Outside of managing his agency, he offers advertising courses on SkillShare and routinely shares his best practices on

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