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Google’s Responsive Display Ads is the latest, and preferred, iteration of display banner ads or image ads on the Google Display Network which Google unveiled a few years ago and is now the gold standard for display advertising. 

What are Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads is a banner ad on Google, where an advertiser can upload:

  • Multiple images (little to no text)
  • Videos
  • Multiple headlines
  • Multiple descriptions
  • Images
  • Logos

Once Google has the ad assets, it will automatically assemble display ads for that ad group that render well across devices (mobile, desktop and tablet) and across various websites – hence the word “responsive”.

Additionally, it will auto-optimize the uploaded assets to configure the best combination that will drive the highest click through rates and advertising performance.  

How to Create Responsive Ads

Creating Responsive Display Ads is extremely easy. As you can see through the screenshots you simply upload multiple headlines, descriptions, logo, business name, URL and even videos (if available).

Responsive Display Ads

Once the assets are uploaded, multiple ads are created which will work well across all devices, ad websites. 

What to expect?

At our agency, Rise Marketing Group, many of our clients are testing responsive display ads, with success. The ads look very professional and they perform well, across websites and devices. The best part about it is you don’t need to hire a creative agency to make 10+ unique ads for each concept, to size for the various ad spots available.

Responsive Display Ad Specs

Once you’re ready to start testing Responsive Display Ads, you can start configuring the assets below.


  • Landscape Images. 1200 x 628 pixels with a max file size limit of 5120KB.
  • Square Images. 1200 x 1200, with a max file size limit of 5120kb.
  • Logo (optional). The logo should be square, 1200 X 1200, is recommended. It’s also recommended to add a landscape (4:1) logo, with a recommended size of the logo of 1200 x 300 pixels.
  • For all your logos, a transparent background is preferred, but only if the logo is centered. The file size limit is 5120KB.
  • Avoid text. This is critical, given we’ll upload accompanying text, text on the images should be no more than 20% of the image. 


  • Videos. Videos are optional, but great to have if available. These are imported from your YouTube channel and should be less than 30 seconds.

Text Information

  • Headlines. At least 1 headline (up to 5) of 30 characters or less. One lone headline that is 90 characters or less.
  • Descriptions. At least 1 description (up to 5), that are less than 90 characters.
  • Business Name. Name of the business.
  • URL. The landing page.

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