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Google Callout Extensions

What are Google Callout Extensions?

Callout extensions is an ad extension for Google Search Text Ads. Similar to Sitelinks, Call Extensions, and other ad extensions, it’s extra text that’s appended to our search text ads. Callout extensions consist of snippets of text (25 characters each) where advertisers can share their differentiators (i.e. callouts) of their business. For example,:

If you’re contractor the callouts could be:

  • Family Owned
  • Locally Based
  • Quotes in 24 Hours
  • 25 Years of Experience

If you’re pizza shop callouts could be:

  • Kids eat free Tuesday’s
  • Rated 5 on Google
  • Open Late
  • We Deliver

How to Setup Callout Extensions

To setup Callout Extensions advertisers can go to the “ads and extensions” tab on the left hand panel, then select callout extensions.

How to Setup Callout Extensions

From there you. can simply start writing callout extensions for your account.

Best Practices

  • Advertisers can set up Callout Extensions at the account level. This way it will be featured across the entire account and not require you to append these to every campaign.
  • If campaigns are highly unique, advertisers can set these up at the campaign or adgroup level. This is encouraged if you have multiple products and services and the callouts setup at the account level may not align for all campaigns.
  • It’s recommended to upload multiple callouts, and can feature up to 10 callout extensions. I would recommend to start with 4-6.
  • Keep the callouts very concise as only have 25 characters per callout
  • For more information, here is Google’s support article

What to Expect from Callout Extensions?

You should see a small uptick in clickthrough rate from adding in Callout Extensions. Reason is you have more real estate on the search engine results page and concise text of why users should consider clicking through to your site.

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