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Google Ads Certification

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a sophisticated advertising platform, it’s used by millions of advertisers to drive business growth through targeted advertising. It can work really well, if advertisers know exactly how to setup campaigns for success, but if the campaigns aren’t setup correctly or an advertiser doesn’t really know the complexities of the platform, performance can go south.

With that, Google has created multiple courses to allow advertisers to get certified. By having this badge of certification, it demonstrates that users took appropriate training along with a passing score for the certification test.

The format is well presented, this is an example for Google Ads Search Certification. The study sections are well categorized and Google will share how long each section will take, which is helpful to map out when to take the appropriate training. There is also a required search assessment, which they suggest can take around 1.3 hours.

Google Ads Certification

Links to Google Certifications

Since Google has many different types of advertising, they have unique certifications for each platform. Below are links, which includes certifications for search, display, measurement, video, shopping and apps.

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Search is one of the main advertising tactics on Google. This course will help give an understanding on how to effectively manage search campaigns and how their search product works.

Google Ads Display Certification

Outside of Search, Google can place banner ads on millions of websites and apps. Through their network called the Google Display Network, advertisers can place display banner ads to qualified audiences, based on multiple targeting options.

Google Ads Measurement Certification

Understanding the return on your ad spend is extremely important, which is why Google has a separate Measurement certification, to allow advertisers to really understand how to properly measure their digital campaigns.

Google Ads Video Certification

Google owns YouTube, which has become a huge video platform. Through the video certification, advertisers can understand how to build and manage video campaigns.

Google Ads Shopping Certification

Shopping campaigns are perfect for retailers, looking to display their product in front of users who are searching for products they offer. For any retailer who is advertising online, I would strongly suggest Google Shopping.

Google Ads Apps Certification

Since Google has a very large app store (Google Play), advertisers can promote their apps across the Google ecosystem, including Google Play.

In summary, I would strongly advise any advertiser to take courses before jumping in and spending money with Google Ads. These free courses are a great place to start, and doesn’t (nor shouldn’t) be the end of training. There are many other resources out there, but these courses will give a great baseline.

Helpful Google Ads Resources

For more helpful resources, check out the blog posts and articles below.

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