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Groove Pricing for 2022 into 2023

Groove Pricing

Pricing and cost information on signing up for (formerly Groove funnels). Groove is an all in one digital platform that’s perfect for many startups, entrepreneurs. Why? Because for one fee you get a ton of products that you would otherwise have to sign up individually for. Groove includes the following digital products: Groove Costs […]

Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Ecommerce

Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Ecommerce

E-commerce marketing is one of the first and most preferred choices of consumers. Today, 70% of people consider “e-commerce” as a reliable way to shop online and buy simple things. E-commerce marketing is growing as there is a unique way to present your products, i.e., WooCommerce banner images for your online store. And if you, as an […]

$500 Google Ads Coupon

  $500 Google Ads Coupon Code Every so often, Google will promote coupons to get more advertisers onboard to advertise. This comes in waves, there will be a few months where there aren’t many coupons, then it changes.   The good news, Google recently started offering a pretty generous coupon. This promotional coupon code is for […]

A Beginners Guide to Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a great way to promote your business, but they can also be confusing if you’re not sure what you’re doing. This article is a guide for beginners that will teach them how Facebook Advertising works and how to use it in order to advertise their business on the social media platform.

Marketing Terms: Definitions

In marketing and advertising, there are a lot of words used within analytics which I’ll breakdown to help understand what each mean. We will break marketing analytics down into three categories: marketing metrics, marketing intelligence and marketing measurement.

Digital Marketing Tips When Planning to Start a Company

Digital Marketing

A quick scope to starting a company is hard work. Perhaps you already know that you will handle clients that come with the risk of pain or the grit of success. It is a steep path to being a top-of-the-line business. With this, you are equipped to hustle every dime.  However, 2020’s reality check says […]

Google Discovery Ads

Google Discovery Ads – What you should Know Google’s Discovery Ads are the latest display banner ad formats Google has to offer. Based on our experience at Rise Marketing Group, and in collaborating with Google on several campaigns, I’m seeing a strong amount of promise from these campaigns. Within this blog post I’ll break down […]

Auction Insights – Google Ads

Auction Insights

Auction insights is a very valuable Google Ads tool to advanced search engine marketing experts. Auction Insights reporting will give intel to an advertiser on how competitive search keywords are and who is bidding on these keywords.  Below is a sample auction insights report, as you can see, it will showcase where “you” rank against […]

Top Marketing Blogs – 2020

digital marketing courses

**The list has been updated for 2021 and features over 50 blogs.** One of the common traits of top marketers is the curiosity to seek out more information on the latest marketing techniques, strategies, platforms, etc. Marketing is a constant evolution, seems like every several months there is a major announcement, change or shift as […]

Google Limiting Search Terms Reporting

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Search Terms are now Limited within Google Ads For any Google Ads advertiser, you likely saw this alert within your account, what this means is that Google is limiting the search terms reported, that are matching to search ads. Within this blog post I’ll break down what exactly this means, what the impact is, and […]