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Local Directories

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Local Directories This post is intended for anyone who has a physical business and is looking to promote their location through directory listings.  Local directories are a great way to get visibility from local potential customers. A huge plus on local directories is they are super inexpensive and can drive incremental qualified users to your site every month.  Within this post I'll break down an overview of local directories, share how to get started promoting your business via local directories and provide a tool where you can audit how your business is listed on local directories. Local Directories: What are they Local directories are directory listings where users go to find businesses. They aren't search engines like Google, rather sites dedicated to capture business information.  Think of this as the…
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Top Facebook Advertising Strategies

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Top Facebook Advertising Strategies Anyone reading this blog post will know that Facebook is a formidable top player when it comes to digital advertising. For any business out there, focus on Google and Facebook, if you do that, you're in great shape. If you just focus on one and not the other, you're leaving opportunity on the table. In this blog post I'm going to break down Top Facebook advertising strategies that are proven to drive customers Facebook creative best practices Advanced tracking tips Top Facebook Advertising Strategies: Customer Targeting One of the many strengths of Facebook advertising is to upload an email list, and then target these users with Facebook ads. How it works is Facebook will match the emails you upload, against their user accounts. When there is…
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How to Create a Google Ads Account

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How to Create a Google Ads Account (Formerly AdWords) with Free Course In this post I'm going to breakdown how to setup a Google Ads account (formerly AdWords). This will specifically cover the following: What Google Ads is, How to Setup a Google Ads account, and how to setup specific campaigns within Google Ads, including Google Search, Display campaigns (including remarketing),  YouTube video campaigns. At the end of this blog post I cover helpful tips for each of the platform to drive the most success and an offer to sign up for my 90 minute Google Ads course on SkillShare (free of charge). What is Google Ads Google Ads is the rebrand of Google AdWords. It's the same extremely powerful platform of Google AdWords, but with the rebrand of Google…
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How to Setup a Remarketing Campaign

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How to Setup a Remarketing Campaign In this post I'm going to break down a few critical components of remarketing ads, specifically: what is remarketing, how to create a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network, and advanced remarketing optimizations. What is remarketing ads? Remarketing is a display advertising strategy where you show a banner ad to users who have previously been to your site, but didn't conduct an action you were hoping for - for example buy an item, fill out a lead form, etc. It's a nice reminder to the user of your business and how it can benefit them.  In terms of digital return on investment, it's one of the best things you can do for your business. You've probably experienced this in the past. Say you're…
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How to Create a Google Search Campaign

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How to Create a Google Search Campaign Getting started with Google Search is extremely easy. I'm happy to report, you can create an effective Google Search campaign for your business within one to two hours.  Sounds ambitious right? Well, it's not, as long as you know what to do and the approach to take.   In this blog post I'm going to share key components of setting up your Google Search campaign, which include: google search ads, google search keywords,  location targeting,  conversion tracking and some highly recommended optimization tips. Google Search Ads There are several items that are critical to setup effective Google Search Ads. The benefit of effective search ads is you'll increase your click through rate (CTR), increase your chance to rank higher on the search results page…
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Advertising on a Small Budget

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Advertising on a Small Budget You're a small business owner, or maybe you have a part-time side hustle, and you want more customers and recognize that you need to advertise. However, you're in a predicament because you're on a tight marketing budget, or maybe a marketing budget of zero.  Well, I hate to break it, but you do have to spend some to make some. But I have great news, it doesn't need to break the bank and you can do a lot of great stuff on the cheap, which will have a big impact as it pertains to getting new customers. I personally do many of these tactics for my site, Rise Marketing Group. I'll break down the list.  The tactics below are prioritized based on expected impact and…
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How to Advertise your Shopify Store

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Advertise your Shopify Store To all of my friends out there who have a Shopify store and want to start advertising to drive more customers. This article is for you.  I created a video tutorial (which I'll post at the bottom) and I'm writing this blog post because I feel there is a need that hasn't been addressed. Specifically, there are thousands of resources to share how to create a shopify store, which is awesome. Shopify is a great platform for Ecommerce businesses and has a plethora of amazing tools to drive growth. Additionally, there are thousands, if not millions, of resources on how to advertise businesses, digitally. However, I see a gap where there aren't too many resources that break down top digital advertising strategies for Shopify stores and…
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Reverse Engineer your Business Growth

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Reverse Engineer your Business Growth Let's say you have a business and you want 100 more customers this year. Most folks will simply hope that they get 100 more customers and continue their same activities.  Others might be a bit more ambitious and double down on their sales and marketing efforts, but even these folks may have a hard time hitting their goal. While they have good intentions, they're not calculating what needs to happen in order to achieve their goal. Let me explain, if you want 100 more customers, it turns into a math equation, that we should reverse engineer. For this example, let's say you own a bookkeeping company and you want 100 more customers.   Below are several helpful metrics we need to review. Lead to Customer Rate …
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How to Build an Email List

Email Marketing
Building an Email List If you have a business and a website, you probably heard the concept of building an email list and the power of email marketing, as cited by Dowitchers Designs - 7 reasons not to overlook the power of email marketing.   Because of this, I'm writing a blog post to share why it's important, effective tools to create email lists (many of which are free), what to do with your email lists and what type of return you can get from email marketing.  With that, let's get started! Building an Email List - Why should I Invest Time in this? Think less of it as building an email list, and more about the opportunity to build relationships with customers and potential customers. Through digital you have…
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Google Search Ads – Top 5 Critical Settings to Check

PPC Advertising
Google Search Ads - Top 5 Critical Settings to Check Google Search Ads is a very powerful platform and millions of advertisers make a ton of money through it. However, on the flip side, there are a lot of advertisers who spend a ton with little to nothing to show. To make sure you fall into the first bucket, I want to share my top 5 critical settings to check within Google Search ads. I'm not kidding around when I say that these components can make or break your campaigns.  Think of these settings as mini landmines you can step on. You barely notice them, but if you trigger the wrong button, boom, your performance will take a nose dive, just like that. With that, let's get into the recommendations.…
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