The Powerful Facebook Pixel

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The Facebook Pixel, What and Why You've probably heard of the Facebook Pixel but may not have ever understood the big deal with a simple pixel and how that may impact your advertising efforts. The Facebook Pixel may sound complex, but it's actually just a piece of code that you put on your site which will let Facebook know who's visiting your site, actions they're taking on your site and information of these users. Nothing too crazy here. But the not too unknown secret is the Facebook Pixel can power some great results from your advertising campaigns. Let me explain further. Through the Facebook Pixel you can unlock three core benefits, in prioritized order. Understand who is visiting your site Through the Facebook Pixel you can understand who is visiting your site. Now this doesn't…
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Top Facebook Advertising Strategies

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Top Facebook Advertising Strategies Anyone reading this blog post will know that Facebook is a formidable top player when it comes to digital advertising. For any business out there, focus on Google and Facebook, if you do that, you're in great shape. If you just focus on one and not the other, you're leaving opportunity on the table. In this blog post I'm going to break down Top Facebook advertising strategies that are proven to drive customers Facebook creative best practices Advanced tracking tips Top Facebook Advertising Strategies: Customer Targeting One of the many strengths of Facebook advertising is to upload an email list, and then target these users with Facebook ads. How it works is Facebook will match the emails you upload, against their user accounts. When there is…
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