Local Directories

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Local Directories This post is intended for anyone who has a physical business and is looking to promote their location through directory listings.  Local directories are a great way to get visibility from local potential customers. A huge plus on local directories is they are super inexpensive and can drive incremental qualified users to your site every month.  Within this post I'll break down an overview of local directories, share how to get started promoting your business via local directories and provide a tool where you can audit how your business is listed on local directories. Local Directories: What are they Local directories are directory listings where users go to find businesses. They aren't search engines like Google, rather sites dedicated to capture business information.  Think of this as the…
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Advertising on a Small Budget

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Advertising on a Small Budget You're a small business owner, or maybe you have a part-time side hustle, and you want more customers and recognize that you need to advertise. However, you're in a predicament because you're on a tight marketing budget, or maybe a marketing budget of zero.  Well, I hate to break it, but you do have to spend some to make some. But I have great news, it doesn't need to break the bank and you can do a lot of great stuff on the cheap, which will have a big impact as it pertains to getting new customers. I personally do many of these tactics for my site, Rise Marketing Group. I'll break down the list.  The tactics below are prioritized based on expected impact and…
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Digital Advertising eBook

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Digital Advertising eBook Hi Friends! I'm really excited to share that I just published my first ebook. In this post I want to give you the skinny on the ebook. Specifically, I created an ebook, content included in the ebook, where to buy and potential future ebooks to come.  For those interested, you can purchase on payhip, via this link here, for $24.99. Payhip is a platform that offers secure ebook purchasing. For those reading, this might be the most effective $25 spent for your business.  Read below to find out more. Why I Created an Advertising ebook As many of you have learned, I've been doing digital advertising for a long time. Over 13+ years to be exact. This has spanned Google (2014 - 2018), RKG Ad Agency, Yahoo!,…
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