How to Create a Google Ads Account

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How to Create a Google Ads Account (Formerly AdWords) with Free Course In this post I'm going to breakdown how to setup a Google Ads account (formerly AdWords). This will specifically cover the following: What Google Ads is, How to Setup a Google Ads account, and how to setup specific campaigns within Google Ads, including Google Search, Display campaigns (including remarketing),  YouTube video campaigns. At the end of this blog post I cover helpful tips for each of the platform to drive the most success and an offer to sign up for my 90 minute Google Ads course on SkillShare (free of charge). What is Google Ads Google Ads is the rebrand of Google AdWords. It's the same extremely powerful platform of Google AdWords, but with the rebrand of Google…
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Digital Advertising eBook

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Digital Advertising eBook Hi Friends! I'm really excited to share that I just published my first ebook. In this post I want to give you the skinny on the ebook. Specifically, I created an ebook, content included in the ebook, where to buy and potential future ebooks to come.  For those interested, you can purchase on payhip, via this link here, for $24.99. Payhip is a platform that offers secure ebook purchasing. For those reading, this might be the most effective $25 spent for your business.  Read below to find out more. Why I Created an Advertising ebook As many of you have learned, I've been doing digital advertising for a long time. Over 13+ years to be exact. This has spanned Google (2014 - 2018), RKG Ad Agency, Yahoo!,…
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YouTube Advertising for your Business

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YouTube Advertising for your Business As we talk about digital advertising, I would be remiss not to discuss the power of video for one's business. Now, most businesses are fond of 2-D digital advertising (i.e. banner ads, search text ads, local listings, etc.). But there is a dark horse that carries a lot of weight that is worth discussing, which is YouTube video advertising.  For this post, let me break down this segment into a few components: why is video important, what will it achieve, how can I take advantage and have fun with it :). YouTube Video:  Why is it Important YouTube videos often gets overlooked by other digital advertising. This is based on sound logic, YouTube introduces a brand to an audience but is rarely the last point…
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