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With over 14 years of digital marketing experience, I created several courses to help scale my expertise to help small businesses and marketers around the world successfully market their business. There is a lot out there, Google, Facebook, third party platforms like AdRoll, directory sites like Yelp. My goal is to cut through all the clutter and show you exactly how to efficiently market your business in the most effective way that will drive sales for your sites today.

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, but there is a process to be followed and you can either make good money through digital advertising, or you can end up losing a good amount with little return.

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Google Ads Course

Top 7 Google Ads Optimizations

How to Advertise Shopify

Google Analytics for Beginners

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Digital Marketing Course: Learn Google Ads from a Former Googler

For anyone who is looking to get started with Google AdWords, take my two hour digital marketing course which covers all of the basics and optimization strategies to advertise on Google. This includes setting up your Google Ads account, creating a search, display and youtube campaign, how to prioritize tactics, linking AdWords to Google Analytics.

Google Ads Digital Marketing Course Includes:

Setup your Google Ads account

Step by step instructions on how to create your Google Ads account, which will allow you to start advertising on Google Search, Google Display Network and YouTube.

Setup your Google Ads Search campaign

Best practices on how to setup your Google Ads search campaign. This comes with best practices as it pertains to keywords, ad copy, bidding, etc.

Setup Google Display campaigns (including remarketing)

Display remarketing is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising, which you can setup with Google. In this course I’ll share how to setup remarketing to “close the sale” from your existing site visitors.

Setup YouTube video campaigns

YouTube is a great brand building platform. In this section I’ll share how to start advertising video content on YouTube.

How you should prioritize the mentioned platforms

Within the digital marketing course, I have a section sharing how to prioritize the mentioned platforms. There is a lot out there and I want to cut through the clutter and tell you what you should be focused on.

Establishing measurement within AdWords from Google Analytics

Within my digital marketing course I’m going to share how to link Google Ads with Google Analytics. The benefit of this is you’ll be able to see what users are doing on your site, from your Google Ads campaign. For example, this will share how many people are going to your site, what they’re doing on your site, pages visited, etc.

Digital Marketing Course: Shopify Advertising Course

Shopify is a major ecommerce platform and is powering thousands if not millions of businesses. With that, I created a course specific to businesses that have a shopify store.

Shopify has amazing integrations with Google Ads, Google Shopping and Google Analytics, which in this course I break down how you can take advantage of these integrations to start advertising your Shopify store and drive even more customers for your business.

Within this¬†digital marketing¬†course I’ll provide

Advertise on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a great platform to showcase the products you offer. It’s very visual in nature and you can show users the image of the product, price, and description before they even click. Google Shopping is a pay per click offering, so if the users don’t click, you don’t pay a dime.

Advertise on Google Search

I’ll share how to advertise your Shopify products on Google Search, which is a highly scalable and effective platform to drive revenue for your businesses.

Create a Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is one of the best digital advertising strategies as you can follow users who visited your site but haven’t purchased. You will track them and serve them banner ads to get them back on your site to convert.

Google Analytics

Data is your best friend, through Google Analytics you can track how many people are going to your site, what they’re doing on your site, and how much they’re buying through your shopify store. Through my digital marketing course I’ll share how you can make sure you’re tracking every user and how much money you’re generating. Additionally, through this integration you will be able to see what are the most effective marketing for your business, based on revenue.