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With over 14 years of digital marketing experience, I created several courses to help scale my expertise to teach students around the world successfully advertise their business. There is a lot out there, Google, Facebook, Bing, third party platforms like AdRoll, directory sites like Yelp. My goal is to cut through all the clutter and teach my students exactly how to efficiently advertise their business in the most effective way that will drive sales.

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, but there is a process to be followed and you can either make good money through digital advertising, or you can end up losing a good amount with little return.

I created several advertising courses and posted on SkillShare to help scale my expertise to teach students how to leverage digital as a strategic asset to drive business growth.

Google Advertising Courses

Digital Marketing with Google Ads Course

Google Advertising Course
This is a 90 minute introductory course where I teach how to use the Google Ads platform, covering all of the best practices.  This includes:

Setting up your Google Ads account

Creating a Google Advertising Account is simple and can be setup within an hour or less, but you need to know what to do, and what not to do, in order to maximize your effectiveness. Within this video tutorial I share how to quickly and effectively setup your advertising campaigns.

Google Search – creating your first search campaign

Google Search campaigns work really well, because you can reach user who are Googling for products or services you offer. However, you need to know exactly what to do, and what not to do when setting up your search campaigns for success. Within my Google advertising course, I share my screen of how to setup your campaigns to maximize your success. I would recommend everyone to watch this tutorial before you start advertising on Google. I share experiences learned from my existing clients and from my 4 years working at Google.

Display Ads through Google

With Google Ads you can advertise display banner ads to your target audience. Within my video tutorials I share how you can leverage this to drive more customers. One component of this is remarketing, which is targeting users who have previously visited your site but since left.

YouTube advertising

For any company with videos, you can advertise your business on YouTube. It’s extremely easy to setup, within my marketing advertising course, I share how to set this up.

Tracking outcomes in Google Analytics and Google Ads (conversion tracking)

Tracking the effectiveness of your Google campaigns is critical for success. Within my course, I teach my students how to leverage both Google Analytics and Google Ads conversion tracking to understand the return you’re receiving.

Top 7 Google Ads Optimizations Course

Google Advertising Tips and Optimizations

Over the past 5 1/2 years, I’ve been in Google Ads on a daily basis and know all of the nuances with the platform and how to squeeze out the best performance from it. With that, I’m teaching top optimization tips to maximize the return on your investment.

My advertising class includes:

Optimize advertising by devices

Performance by device will vary, I’ll teach how to pull reports that will detail which devices (mobile, computer, tablet) are driving the best return for your investment.

Best practices for writing search ads

Writing search ads isn’t rocket science, but you need to know the format to use to drive successful ads. I’ll teach best practices in writing search ads within my video tutorials.

Using audience data within Google Ads

Using audience segmentation within Google is extremely valuable. Within this course I’ll teach you how to understand who your top audiences are and how to hone in on these audiences to drive the best return on your investment.

Geo-targeting settings

Geo-targeting settings seem pretty straight forward, however there are a few nuances that if you don’t get correct, you will waste money in your advertising. Within this course I’ll share the correct way to geo-target your audience.

Automated bidding solutions

Automated bidding is Google’s most powerful optimization tool. Within my course I’ll share how you can leverage artificial intelligence to power your bidding.

Responsive display ads

Creating banner ads are simple with Google’s responsive ads. Within my video tutorials I’ll share how you can quickly and effectively create banners ads on the Google Display Network.

Google’s partner network

Through Google you can advertise on and hundreds of other search engines. Within my course I’ll share a key report you should review to understand how performance differs between and it’s partner networks.

How to Advertise your Shopify Store on Google Tutorial

Advertising your Shopify Store

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform. Many of my clients use Shopify but they need help driving customers through advertising. Within this advertising class, I teach how to start advertising your Shopify store through Google Ads. Specifically I cover:

Google Search Ads

Within this class I’ll share how you can advertise on to drive qualified users who are searching for your products, to your store.

Remarketing Ads (targeting past site visitors)

It’s a fact that 96% of users who visit your site, won’t purchase right away. Within this class, I share how to “close the sale” of users who have visited your site, but didn’t convert, with remarketing ads.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an amazing retail comparison engine where you can advertise your products and only pay if users click on your ad.  Within this class, I’ll share integrations Shopify has with Google Shopping to create a product feed and start advertise on Google Shopping.

Integrations between Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Merchant Center.

There are many integrations you can take advantage of between Google and Shopify. Within this course I break down some key integrations.

Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics Course

Google Analytics is an amazing platform and should be used for all websites. It’s free and very insightful. Within this advertising class I share how to setup your Google Analytics account. My class covers the following:

How to setup Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics is quick and simple, I’ll share my screen to inform how you can setup your Google Analytics account so you can start tracking users who are visiting your site.

My favorite Google Analytics reports

Google Analytics is full of rich data, within this course I’ll share top reports you should review and prioritize.

How to track all traffic within Google Analytics

Lastly, for anyone who is advertising across multiple platforms, I’ll teach how to track traffic coming from multiple sources.

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Don’t take my word for it, hear from my 3,000+ students who took these classes.

“Ben lays out everything really well. His classes have helped fill in gaps and I highly recommend them.”

“1 hour of greatness!”

“An excellent course for anyone trying to start their own business or promote themselves online.”

“Google Ads has always been a big blur to me because it seems like there is so much involved, but this class made it much more easier to grasp and understand. Great tips also – i am looking forward to implementing them soon.”

“Great introduction to Google Ads and good explanations of terms and clear walk-through on features.”

“Ben clearly has the experience and the insight of a 13 year vet. As someone getting knee deep in digital marketing I found this class extremely useful.”