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Hi Friends!

I’m really excited to share that I just published my first ebook. In this post I want to give you the skinny on the ebook. Specifically, I created an ebook, content included in the ebook, where to buy and potential future ebooks to come. For those interested, you can purchase on payhip, via this link here, for $5.99. Payhip is a platform that offers secure ebook purchasing. For those reading, this might be the most effective $6 spent for your business. Read below to find out more.

Why I Created an Advertising ebook

As many of you have learned, I’ve been doing digital advertising for a long time. Over 13+ years to be exact. This has spanned Google (2014 – 2018), RKG Ad Agency, Yahoo!, and Monster. During this time, I primarily helped very large enterprises literally make millions with digital advertising. Sample clients included Aspen Dental, Nutrisystem, Philips, Comcast, Fidelity, etc. What I realized over the past several years is that the same awesome strategies that make the big dogs millions, can be successfully applied to the small businesses. I have personally seen these strategies work for smaller businesses and I want to share these.

I’m sharing these as there is so much clutter out there. Specifically, numerous search engines, hundreds of display advertising platforms, and thousands of sites to advertise on (not to mention numerous agencies, consultants, etc.). For businesses out there, it’s super hard to understand which channels to invest in. I’m sure you’re getting countless calls, emails, direct mails, maybe even in-person drop ins. This gets confusing as you may not know where to start. I’m sure each platform has some value, but before you do anything, you should start with the strategies outlined as they’re proven to work. Once those get rockin’ and you have sound measurement, expand to other strategies.

My intention of this ebook is to help you cut through all of the clutter and break it down into tactical action items to drive new customers to your business. Within this ebook, which is around 20+ pages),  I’m providing prioritized strategies you can take advantage of today. Some of the strategies you can launch within one hour or less and the ebook has links to other sources to help you take action on these strategies (example: links to my YouTube channel for how to videos, Google resource links, etc.).

What’s Included in the ebook

The book covers the following digital advertising strategies.

Measurement:  I’m a data driven marketer to it’s core. Of anything that I put into market, I need to measure it’s effectiveness to understand how it’s working at achieving my goal.  In this section I’m covering off on measurement. This is crucial before you do anything otherwise you might be throwing money in the wind. The good news is there are really great platforms that provide measurement, for free! One that I highly recommend and go into detail is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most trusted measurement platforms and it’s relatively easy to use and it’s free.

Google Search: Google search is crucial. Given we live in a digital age, you have to be present on when users are searching for products and services you offer.  In this section I discuss how you can be present with Google Search Ads and specific recommendations and links to how-to videos and best practices.  A good suggestion I offer is to conduct a few keyword searches for your business on Google. Are you present? First check for your brand terms (i.e. name of your company), then check for non-brand terms (i.e. the products or services you offer). If you’re not there, or in a top position, read on in the ebook provided.

Remarketing: Remarketing is likely one of the best advancements in digital advertising over the past decade, no joke. The reason is remarketing helps close the sale on your site visitors. Just because site visitors didn’t immediately convert, it doesn’t mean they’re not valuable. With that, you need a remarketing strategy to show them a display banner ad to help close the sale by bringing them back to your site to take action.

A great part of remarketing is there are platforms that make remarketing extremely and cost effective. Remarketing typically offers one of the best return on your investment you can ask for. In this ebook I go into detail on how to take advantage of this.

Also, you don’t need to spend a fortune (or anything) on creating display banner ads. There are platforms that provide free banner ad creation, based on assets that are already on your site.

Local Directories: For small businesses, local directories are a money maker. Users use local directories to find businesses offering services in their area. Think Yelp, Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, etc. It’s important to have your local businesses present on these pages. This way, wherever your users are searching, your business will be present.

If anyone wants a free audit of their local presence across directories, shoot me a line via my contact page.

YouTube: Video advertising is a great platform to share your story with sight, sound and motion. Additionally, YouTube has amazing reach. Combine these together, you have a great asset to share your brands story to new customers in your area.  Within his section I break down why YouTube should be in your strategy and specific ad formats that are designed to introduce your brand to new customers and drive engagement (i.e. clicks to your website).

Lastly, as you’re reading the ebook, reach out with feedback, would love to hear how you’re acting on the strategies and potentially any successes you’re achieving.

Future ebooks to Come

I had a lot fun creating this ebook and it’s really rewarding. Reason is I’m scaling my expertise to help hundreds of marketers and businesses. Not only that, I’m offering this at an affordable rate. I would love for this ebook to scale and hear feedback on how these very simple but highly effective digital advertising strategies helped grow your business. Whether it’s via leads, customers, or just increasing awareness of your business. For those who read this ebook and would like even more help, as always, I’m happy to help. Whether that’s through consultation or full service management for your business, which I customize all engagements to match what you’re looking for within your budget.

While this book is really geared at those getting started with digital advertising, I will release advanced digital advertising ebooks in time. However, before we get into advanced ebooks, I would highly suggest to read this ebook and leverage the strategies posted.

For example, future ebooks may cover, advanced digital advertising audience strategies ( across search, display and video), advanced video promotion via YouTube, automated marketing strategies.

As mentioned earlier, to purchase the ebook, click the link here. For $5.99 you’ll receive strategies that cut through the clutter on how to market your business in the digital age.  The best part, is I only cover some of the top strategies. This way it’s much easier to digest and act upon. These are the strategies that the large advertisers I mentioned earlier are making millions on and I know you can achieve success through these as well.

If you have any recommendations on future ebooks I should consider writing, feel free to shoot me a line on my contact page. Also, I’m in the process of creating how to videos, if there are any videos you want me to consider filming, please let me know!

Additionally, check out my services for those who would like help marketing their business.

Thanks everyone!


Ben Lund

Ben Lund

Ben Lund is a 14+ year digital advertising vet who founded Rise Marketing Group. Outside of managing his agency, he offers advertising courses on SkillShare and routinely shares his best practices on

Ben Lund

Ben Lund

Ben Lund is a 14+ year digital advertising vet who founded Rise Marketing Group. Outside of managing his agency, he offers advertising courses on SkillShare and routinely shares his best practices on

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