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Hey Ben, thank you for this, I really appreciate learning more about Google Ads through your classes. I have few questions to ask if you don’t mind?

1. I started selling online (BirdsView Shipping LLC) last year and I’ve been trying to transition into video advertising to help promote our products but due to having different types of products(Such as Electronics,Home Decor, Wooden Shelves, etc.), would it be better to create a general video ad for each category of products or would creating one video ad that displays all genre generate a better view per click ratio on YouTube?

2. As a beginner, how do I apply an ad schedule that runs two different ads that start 30 mins apart but the first ad schedule time happens to over laps the second scheduled ad? I took on a freelance clinic but I don’t my E-commerce ads to create a problem when I ran the scheduled ads for the client as well.

3. Also I wanted to ask how do I get the certificate?