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    Tony Monda

    First, thanks for a really great, well thought out class. My experience is in brand and values based connections, but have minimal digital skills. Your class is easy to understand and your presentation style excellent.

    My question is about Geotargeting. As I recall we selected the US as our market, (anyone that is in the area.) Is there a way to target by city, state or perhaps a radius from a single zip? I might have missed that or perhaps Google does it automatically but I wondered if one could set the parameters manually. Thanks again

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    Hey there!

    You can absolutely hone in your targeting. In a given campaign, go to settings, then locations.

    Then within locations, click “enter another location. Within this, you can do an advanced search by radius, or specific zipcodes, states, etc.

    Additionally, within the location targeting, make sure you target users by “presence” meaning they are or are regularly in this area, vs. interest which can be from folks outside that area.

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    Bibhuti Bhusan Behera

    My question is regarding the bidding strategy. The bidding strategy we use is responsible for the ROI of the campaign. What should be the suitable bidding strategy for Brand awareness? By changing the bidding strategy can we optimize the ROI of the campaigns?

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    Hey there!

    Yes, bidding is extremely important to the campaign performance. Bidding strategy for brand awareness, I would either do Max Clicks, which would get the most amount of people to your website as possible, within the budget. OR do a Target Impression share, where you can target the % of searches you want to show up for, and even target the top positioning.

    For ROI campaigns, I would focus on max conversions, or Target ROAS.


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