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Google Ads & SEO Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Courses
Taught by a Former Googler

Digital Advertising Courses
Taught by a Former Googler​

Google Ads Course

Former Googler and founder of Rise Marketing Group teaches Google Ads for beginners and SEO for Small Businesses. With over 10k students to date who learned Google Ads.
Cut through the clutter and learn how to drive traffic to your site, effectively and efficiently with our Google Ads and SEO courses.

Google Ads Course for Beginners

Google Ads Course for Beginners is where I teach students how to effectively advertise their business through Google.  Coming from Google and leading Rise Marketing Group, I’ll share what to do  and what not to do when setting up your account..

Included in this Google Ads course, we cover: 

1) Take advantage of a $500 Google Ads coupon

2) Traps to avoid – there are Google recommendations that will hurt campaign performance. Some recommendations are good, others not so much. 

3) Creating Google Search, Display, YouTube campaigns in Google Ads.

4) Importance of proper measurement. This is super important as without proper measurement, Google Ads won’t work.

5) How to optimize a live Google Ads account.  

Google Ads


Finding Free Google Ad Coupons

Often Google releases coupons, which new advertisers can take advantage of. At the time of writing, there is currently a $500 Google Ads coupon.

Setting Up Google Ads Account

Creating a Google Advertising Account is simple and can be setup within an hour or less, but you need to know what to do, and what not to do, in order to maximize your effectiveness. Within this video tutorial I share how to quickly and effectively setup your advertising campaigns.

Creating a Search Campaign

Google Ads Search campaigns work really well, because you can reach user who are Googling for products or services you offer. Within my Google advertising course, I share my screen of how to setup your campaigns to maximize your success. I would recommend everyone to watch this online class before you start advertising on Google.

Establishing Proper Measurement

Tracking the effectiveness of your Google campaigns is critical for success. Within my course, I teach my students how to leverage Google’s measurement strategies.

Display Ads

With Google Ads you can advertise display banner ads to your target audience. Within my video tutorials I share how you can leverage this to drive more customers. One component of this is remarketing, which is targeting users who have previously visited your site, didn’t take action, and since left.

YouTube Advertising

For any company with videos, you can advertise your business on YouTube. It’s extremely easy to setup, within my marketing advertising course, I share how to set this up.

Optimizing a Google Ads Campaign

I’ll share how Google campaigns should be optimized.

SEO Course for Small Businesses

In this course I’ll break down the top SEO strategies we implement for our small business clients at Rise Marketing Group. Ranking on Google is possible and I’ll share the top strategies in prioritized order that will drive impact for your business.

SEO Course for Small Businesses Includes

Setup Google My Business

Google My Business is the fastest and easiest way to earn organic traffic and optimize SEO for Small Businesses. I'll break down how to maximize the platform for your small business.

Earn Links from other Websites

I'll share how to earn links from other websites which will absolutely help your SEO and have your site rank higher on Google.

SEO Content

Content is king, within my course I'll share how content can drive organic traffic and the SEO elements to consider.

SEO Tools

I'll share top SEO tools which will be valuable for your business. We use these tools at Rise Marketing Group for our clients.

Student Reviews

Don’t take my word for it, hear from some students who took some of my classes.

“Fantastic course. First time I’ve felt that I am really starting to get my head around Google Ads. Instructor was really easy to listen to! Definitely planning to watch more of his tutorials!”

“This class exceeded my expectations! Spent $$$'s on "professional marketing" agencies to run our google and FB ads where our money has always been wasted but I couldn't challenge because I didn't know. Now I do, and thanks to this course we can bring it all in house and continue to learn.”

“An excellent course for anyone trying to start their own business or promote themselves online.”

“Google Ads has always been a big blur to me because it seems like there is so much involved, but this class made it much more easier to grasp and understand. Great tips also – I am looking forward to implementing them soon.”

“Masterpiece! Thanks for taking the time for putting this course together. Looking forward to learning more after I've mastered the novice level.”

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