Privy – Email List and Cart Abandonment Review

For anyone with a website who wants to make their site work harder for them, I highly recommend to give Privy a go. Within this blog post I'll break down, why Privy should be considered, how Privy can drive more revenue for your site, and how to get started. I write this post from real experience, I leverage Privy for my clients @ Rise Marketing Group and experience how this can drive incremental sales, first hand.

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Privy Review – Why Consider Privy

It’s a known fact that 98% of users who visit a site don’t convert from that visit. Convert in the form of a purchase, submitting a lead, etc.  It’s just the cold hard fact. It doesn’t mean they’re not interested in the product or service you offer, rather they don’t feel the need to purchase right away.  Maybe it’s a considered purchase and they need to discuss with their partner or maybe they’re just browsing on their phone.

Privy is a great platform that helps close the sale from users who are visiting your site to purchase or at least share their email, at a minimum.

Privy Review – How it Drives Business Growth

As mentioned, the majority of visitors to your site, won’t take immediate action or purchase. Privy helps change that through two mechanisms.

Privy Shopping Cart Abandonment

Privy Pop Up

If you have users who added items to their shopping cart and are about to leave your site (i.e. scrolling in the upper left hand corner to navigate out of the site), you can have a pop-up display a discount to help close the sale. For example, see a sample pop-up below.

The benefit is you’ll accomplish two things. First, your conversion rate will increase, no doubt about it. Secondly, you’re going to collect emails from this tactic, even if they don’t immediately convert. Anyone who has an ecommerce store should do this.

Privy – Grow your Email List

Another great use case is to solicit email addresses of engaged users on your site.  The benefit is you’ll build up a nice email database of users who are visiting your site. The best part, it’s practically free and the use case of these emails are priceless. For example, once you have the emails in your database, you can email them for the years ahead, additionally, you can even advertise to these users through Facebook or Google, by uploading their emails into these ad platforms.

How it works  is you can have a pop-up appear for those who are likely most receptive to enter their email. I would advise against having a pop-up automatically appear immediately for anyone who lands on your site. This is a bad user experience and may backfire. However, through Privy you can set conditions where the pop-up will only appear if users spend 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds, etc. on your site. This is a great tool to showcase the banner to users who are deeply engaged with your site and would likely be receptive to this offering.

See an example below of what the pop-up could look like.

Privy Email list

What’s critical is you need to provide value to the user. You can’t just simply ask for their email, you need to provide something of value for the user. This could be, any of the following:

  • Stay in the know of exclusive product collections
  • Download a free ebook
  • Updates on upcoming announcements

These are just a few examples, but the point is to offer something of value for these email addresses.

This strategy works, for some of my clients, they can receive multiple email addresses a day, without spending a dime.  There are a lot of companies who advertise just to collect emails, but by doing the mentioned strategy, you’re getting emails for free.

Privy – Account Creation

Getting started with Privy is easy.  Simply click this link to Privy to sign up.  Pricing is super low, compared to the benefit you get. While Privy offers a free option, I would strongly recommend to sign up for the Plus Plan at just $24/month.  Through this you can customize your banners based on pages users go to. For example, if you want to run the cart abandonment campaign,  you have to sign up for the Plus Plan, as you’ll only want this message to appear if users are on the shopping cart page.  Through this plan it will also remove the Privy branding to make it appear that this is from your site and not Privy’s, and you’ll get more detailed analytics. I highly recommend this option, you can always cancel if you don’t see value, but I think you’ll see significant value and the product will pay for itself in a matter of a week or so. If you have a high volume of orders per day, the product will pay for itself within one day. 

As a reminder, click here to get started.

Privy – Creating a Campaign

Once you created the account, it’s super easy to activate. Click to create a new campaign, and from here it will guide you through the process to create pop-up banners that are most suitable for your business. Whether it’s a welcome discount for visitors, email capture, or an announcement bar at the top of the page. For this example, let’s go with welcome discount.

Privy Account Creation

Once you select welcome discount, you can create a coupon code, setup triggers, such as only show to users who have been on your site for at least 10 seconds, limits the pop-up to one pop-up per day (so you don’t inundate the user) and you can specifically have it show to users who previously didn’t sign up.

Privy Welcome Discount

Next it will prompt you to create a design for your discount. One of the many things I love about privy is they have solid templates that you can just tweak, without much effort. Within a few minutes, you’ll have a pop-up that looks something like this.

Privy Design

Lastly, you can simply launch the campaign. It’s that easy and awesome. 

Privy Launch Campaign

Now, in order to do this, you do need to either append a small bit of code on your site from Privy or you can sync this directly with your Shopify store, if you have one.  Again, this won’t take long. If you have developer, just send the code to them, or if it’s your site, you can do this within 10 minutes (no joke).

A few other points on Privy’s platform I want to call out that will be helpful to know

Email platform Integration

It’s integrated with a ton of email service platforms. See screenshot below. This means that the emails you receive can go directly into your preferred email platform. This is a big time saver so you don’t have to manually add emails from your Privy campaign.

Email Service Platforms

A/B Testing

To all of my data-driven marketer friends out there, you’ll love this. Through Privy you can setup A/B testing to understand what messaging works best for your business. For example, is a shopping cart abandoner most likely to purchase with a 10% off coupon, or an offer of a free gift with purchase? Through this testing you can find out.

Automated emails

While this platform primarily offers pop-ups, you can also send abandoned cart emails and newsletters to users who inputted their emails. This is automated so this works on behalf of your business. Think of this as working around the clock without you having to do anything, except setup the process from the beginning.

Amazing reporting

You can login at anytime to see how many people view your pop-up, how many subscribed to your emails, and how many redeemed your coupons. So cool.

This breaks down my review of Privy. As mentioned, I’m a customer and use this on behalf of my clients I advertise for and highly recommend anyone reading this who has a website to consider Privy. For those who are ready to take their site to the next, level click here to get started.

Privy Website
Ben Lund

Ben Lund

Ben Lund is a 14+ year digital advertising vet who founded Rise Marketing Group. Outside of managing his agency, he offers advertising courses on SkillShare and routinely shares his best practices on

Ben Lund

Ben Lund

Ben Lund is a 14+ year digital advertising vet who founded Rise Marketing Group. Outside of managing his agency, he offers advertising courses on SkillShare and routinely shares his best practices on

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